The PRA Promise


We are committed to transparency regarding your account.

PRA, LLC is committed to transparency in providing you with information and required disclosures to help make informed decisions to resolve your debt.

Here are just some of the ways that we do this:

  • We only collect on debt that we own and we never resell your debt
  • When we acquire your account, we mail a letter with important information so that you can identify and verify the account
  • We put the same account information from our letters on our website, so you have the information in front of you as you consider your resolution options
  • We provide required disclosures to keep you informed, for example:
    • We tell you if your debt is past the statute of limitations, and if so that we will not sue you for the account
    • We also tell you that, depending on the laws of your state, certain actions – such as making a payment or promising to pay the debt – may restart an expired statute of limitations. However, our longstanding policy is that even if that statute of limitations can be restarted, we still won’t sue you on the debt
  • We will send you a letter to keep you informed when you start a payment plan. We may also send you payment reminders and we will send a confirmation when your debt is resolved
  • If we are credit reporting your account, it will be considered paid-in-full or paid-in-full for less than the full balance after your final payment is successfully posted. Within approximately 30 days of your final payment successfully posting, we will request the credit reporting agencies delete our tradeline related to your account from your credit bureau report
  • We cannot speak to anyone else about your account unless the law permits us to or unless you authorize us to
  • There are no hidden fees or charges, the balance you see or hear during our communications with you is the balance you owe
  • We will not charge any interest on accounts that are unsecured, like credit card accounts and personal loans

Our goal is to provide you with options for debt repayment. Contact one of our representatives to find out how we can help you.