How it works

This section explains how to work with us to resolve your debt, including:

  • How to review information about your debt
  • The convenient payment options we offer
  • How to learn about our policies in the debt process

Review your debt.

You may not have heard of us before and wonder who we are — your original creditor sold us your account, and we now own your debt.

To review this debt, sign in to see:

  • The name of the original creditor/merchant/seller
  • The account balance and date that we acquired your debt
  • The date you opened the original account and the last payment you made
  • We will not charge you servicing fees

To dispute this debt, you can contact us by phone, email, Live CHAT or letter.

iphone view accounts
iphone payment options

Know your payment options.

We’re happy to provide flexible payment options as low as $5 a month.

You can:

  • Pay your balance off in one payment
  • Set up a payment plan
  • Make a payment to reduce your balance

You can customize your plan to control:

  • Amount per payment
  • Number of payments
  • Length of plan

Sign in to your account to manage your payment plan:

iphone manage plan

You can also make payment(s) at any time to keep reducing your balance.

When you make a payment or set up a plan, you can choose your payment method:

  • Pay by checking or savings account
  • Pay by debit card

We work with you, at your pace, to help you resolve your debt. Please Live CHAT or contact us if you need assistance.

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Our policies

Please know that we:

  • won’t charge interest on unsecured debt or servicing fees
  • won’t resell your debt to anyone else
  • will send you confirmation when your debt is resolved
  • will provide you with clear and accurate information about your account
  • may give you a savings offer to resolve your debt for less than what you owe (this will appear as a payment option in your account)

For more information see the PRA Promise.

Special circumstances

Some circumstances require special attention:

If you are experiencing difficult circumstances that hinder your ability to make arrangements on your account, we want you to know that we understand and are here to help. Please see our FAQs for more information.